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We purchased tickets for the Alan Jackson concert for an increased price with a promise of seats in rows 1-6.We did not get the seats as promised.

We arrived for the concert three hours early and all seats in rows 1-6 were taken. Then when the concert started there was a mob in front of the stage anyway. If you were in the front rows you could not have seen the concert. The venue has refused to refund our money.

I would strongly encourage you to never go to this concert venue!

We certainly won't.They don't know how to treat their paying customers.

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Bandito Dog

Follow up to the concert venue was of no use. They could care less and had no interest in refunding our tickets. :(

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Found out after making reservation at this site we are charged $19.99 for using the site! We are unable to cancel reservation and are stuck with this "service fee" I am pissed!

Having had trouble with cnnections because of the storm (blizzard here!) I thouhgt customer service would be helpful! Not!! Customer service was not helpful.

Be careful using your search never know what you're gonna get! Reflects so poorly on so many good travel sites.

Just wish there was some place else to turn to to let people know low some companies will go to make a buck or two!

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